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Peace Economics Plan

1. Emphasis on correcting deoschitzocratic conspiracies & any/all contra-sovereign conspiracy elements and fractures in fealty factor

2. Development of a twin-state ecclesiolegal system 

3. Initiate cross-cultural exchange programs 

4. Attention any/all governmental departmental administrative and industrio-mechanico class/masonico/convict colonial criminal conspiracy malfeasances 

5. [SHOEN] + [SHOE] + [RANC] + [SAS] + [SOS] + [SSSS] + [ISIS] + [SHE] + [HE] = [WE]


[SHOEN] = Sovereign Human Orbital Economic Need

[SHOE] = Sovereign Human Orbital Economic

[RANC] = Royal Armies Navies & Civil Policing

[SAS] = Sovereign Allied Services

[SOS] = Sovereign Orbital Securities

[SSSS] = Sovereign Secret Security Service

[ISIS] = International Security Intelligence Service

[SHE] = Sovereign Human Economic

[HE] = Human Economic

[WE] = World Economic

[EDICT] ignotum quorate: toujours perseverer

Metaconfederate Australoid Legion

Inter pocula inter alia great breton in Toto caelo

Fortississimo in vivacious vernacular - 

(Matrilinear chiliasm epistle)

"Stand pat Geist poltern" - (vacuous vervain aguila ados gravis teratoid trique cyclist) 

Ne pas S'avouer Vaincu' in Saecula Saeculorum ad infinitum! - So mote it be.

Bacen Scotts COS' Multijurisdictional Octastrophic Entente Cordialis - Macrolineographic COMMAND:SINE:REGNITUDINAL