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Team Alpha Bacen Scotts

Specializing in health food products, pharmaceuticals, water treatment and land care solutions. Bacen Scott's Mission is to help make The world a better place through partnering and networking, encouraging Private Enterprise, Sound Work Practices and business management, Cross Cultural Ezchange Programs, Diplomacy and Cooperation, honest, Integrity, Compassion, Unity, Tolerance and Environmentally Friendly Research and Development.

General Manager - Christine Morgan LM, DCP, G Dip Nursing, G Dip Cytotoxic, FRCPath (Sydney)  +61 402 343 252

CEO - Andrew Morgan LLD, M Lore, G Dip Visual Arts, G Dip Divinity, G Dip Metaphys, STD (Washington), Attorney at Law (Sup Ct Sydney)  0403 113 342

For all other enquiries contact the Bacen Scotts arbitration centre on  +1 712 432 3900. You will first need a conference centre I.D. only available if you sms the word "LUCID" to  +61 403 113 342 for your Conference Centre I.D. then by calling the Bacen Scotts' online  international conference centre - Where We Welcome Your Business !!

Vice President - Andrew Dell

Managing Director - Joshua J Morgan  +61 421 993 427

Legal - M. Badarne (Lawyer) LLB, B Econ, M Finance, G Dip Finance, G Dip Accounting, G Dip Legal Practice, Attorney at Law (Sup Ct Israel)  0402 507 682

I.T. Consultant/Accountant - Anne Maree  Morgan 

Media Consultant - Kate McIllwain 

COS' Chancellor - Daniel Morgan  0439 623 161

COS' Vice Chancellor - Dushan Vukadinovic  0410 093 381

COS' Visiting Chancellor - Tony Williams  0490 145 103

Dr Roy Manojit & Dr Danielle Lawrence - Sales & Marketing  +91 9844 922799

R & D - Christine Morgan, Michael & Margaret Connolly, Dawn Hennessey, M Badarne, Ben Connolly, Lucy Connolly, Nathan & Jemma Gill, Andrew Dell, Danielle Lawrence, Chian & Stevie Lee Hamilton, Andrew Morgan & MJ, Joshua & Anne Maree Morgan, Jesse Morgan, Jake Morgan, Hadley McIllwain-Morgan, Daniel Morgan, Kate McIllwin, Carmen Aboozaid, Paul Nguyen, Jennifer Aboozaid, Les Butler, Brian Aboozaid, James & Sharon Jarret, Rick Crowther, Dushan Vukadinovic, Tony Williams, Brian Aboozaid.

Special Events Manager - Les Butler

Supervisor - Brian Aboozaid 

Internal Performance Review Committee - James & Sharon Jarrett

COS' - Counsellors - Chian & Stevie Lee Hamilton

Courier - Rick Crowther - 0451 962 397 

Board of Directors -  Christine Morgan, Michael & Margaret Connolly, Nathan & Jemma Gill, Lucy Connolly, Ben Connolly, Warren & Jill Lord, Joshua & Anne Maree Morgan, Kate McIllwain, Daniel Morgan,  Carmen Aboozaid, Paul Nguyen, Jennifer Aboozaid, Brian Aboozaid, James & Sharon Jarrett, Andrew Dell, Danielle Lawrence, Chian & Stevie Lee Hamilton, Dushan Vukadinovic, Tony Williams, Rick Crowther, Andrew Morgan & MJ, & Company Mascots

Board of Trustees - Christine Morgan, Dawn Hennessey, Daniel Morgan, Kate McIllwain, Joshua & Anne Maree Morgan, Warren & Jill Lord, Michael & Margaret Connolly, Dawn Hennessey, Jemma & Nathan Gill, Lucy Connolly, James & Sharon Jarrett, Andrew Dell, Chian & Stevie Lee Hamilton, Paul Nguyen, Jennifer Aboozaid, Brian Aboozaid, Les Butler, Dushan Vukadinovic, Rick Crowther, Tony Williams, & the Company Mascots

Company Mascots - Archie Gill, Jimmy Gill, Levi Connolly, Jesse Morgan & Jake Morgan, Hadley McIllwain-Morgan

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Proudly Supporting NSW Police Association, Australasian Institute of Policing AiPol, Australian Defence Forces Services' Men & Women Soldier On Hero's, NSW State Emergency Service SES, Kid's Safety Program & National Council of Ambulance Unions.

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