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Terms and Conditions

Before using any unconventional dietary supplement product, please consult your doctor or healthcare professional.

Legal and equitable title shall transfer to the customer when the full purchase price of goods being ordered has been paid.

To place a service call contact a Bacen Scotts technician for a home, office or workplace demonstration seminar. Callout Fee: $50 + $1 per minute within the Illawarra/Shoalhaven area. 

7 - Day Account Invoice

Forestry Commission - (Post Production Research & Engineering) Dichlorodifluromethane Carbon Tetrachloride Paraffin Digester Installations & Synchrocyclotron Type 2 Atomic Reactor Aparatus Regency Grade Stabilized 35% - 50% Liquid Viscic Hydrogen Peroxide Electrolytic Water Purification Concentrate Refrigerated Storage Rapid Freight Supply Chain Logistics - Vertical Trust Cartel Proprietary Nuclear Medicine Company Owned/Operated By Andrew Morgan & MJ (50% each) as Trustees for Bacen Scotts' Technologies (Translex Mercators of the College Of Sovereignties) - OHMS.

Opening Hours:

Mon   Tues   Thurs   Fri    -   9 a.m.   to    5 p.m.

Sat   -   8 a.m.   to    2 p.m.

Wed    Sun    -    Closed.

Section 9 Schedule 1 Commonwealth Companies & Securities Interpretation & Miscellaneous Provisions Act 1980, Regulation 6B Schedule 2 Commonwealth Securities Industry Act 1980, Regulation 66(2) Schedule 2 Commonwealth Securities Industry Act 1980, Regulation 8 Schedule 28 & 29 Commonwealth Futures Industry Act 1986, Commonwealth National Companies & Securities Commissions Act 1979, NSW Corporations Regulation 1990, Commonwealth Trade Practices Act 1974.

CORPA 1989 

ANZIC: 3720 - (Pharmaceutical & Toiletry Wholesale/Retailer) - Bio-Oxidative Phytopharmaceutical Therapies, Health & Beauty Products

Bioenergy, Bioproducts & Energy Program

Program Code: AU 32

Category - Energy

Agency - Rural Industries Research & Development Corporation (RIRDC).

Emergency First Aid Reg.#9546

Hazardous Substances/Chemical Safety NSW OH&S ACT 2000 & Reg. 2001

RTO Number: CO9484

The Bacen Scotts COS' 2018 AGM being held Friday 7th December at the Regus Business Centre Wollongong between 9 am and 5 pm. Corkage, lunch and security access swipe cards will be provided to the Bacen Scotts' staff attending the meeting. 

Due to WorkCover NSW Occupational Health and Safety Regulation 2001, St John's Ambulance Accident and Emergency Prevention and First Aid Policy and Procedure 2012, Dept of Human and Community Services NSW Rights and Responsibilities Agreement 2001, and Bacen Scotts Company Policy and Workplace Practices 2011, person(s) who are nunc est bibendum or affected by bacchanalia, or person(s) who suffer delirium tremens or behave inter pocula will be refused Employment. Such person(s) are prohibited on worksite premises and/or access to Bacen Scotts and credit will be forfeited. Persons with DTs are precluded. Persons with DTs will not be considered for employment. Delirium Tremens is a neurological disease affecting the Central Nervous System and causes brain cell damage and spasticity. DTs may be successfully treated with medication and sufferers are urged to speak to their Doctor. Persons with Accute Bacchanalia may develop Delirium Tremens. If untreated, Advanced DTs causes Spasticity and Vegetablisation. You may know someone with DTs? If so, treatment is available. Persons who suffer delirium tremens DTs - alcoholism. Persons affected by bacchanalia (inter pocula) - drunk. Persons who are nunc est bibendum - addicted to drink.



ABN 69 361 638 513